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Do’s and Don’ts during orthodontic treatment

We all are aware of orthodontic care for your braces and how to manage them. However sometimes with the best care, things can go wrong, if this happens to contact your orthodontist. It is always an essential thing to adjust as soon as possible. AV dental clinic is one of the Best Children Dentist in Baner

The following dos and don’ts are listed by Dentals

Carefully brush your teeth –

Brushing teeth with braces can be more difficult, it is important to keep your teeth clean. If the brackets are not cleaned properly then food particles are stuck frequently and easily inside your teeth, wires, and brackets. These particles feed the harmful bacteria in your mouth if they are not cleaned properly.

The bacteria produce acids that break down on teeth enamel and gums causing tooth decay discoloration, gingivitis, and other issues These are because of remaining food particles. Brush your teeth completely and carefully after having food to avoid future oral health problems after your braces have been removed.

Avoid eating food that can create problems with your braces –The food particles that are hard, sticky chewy can damage or loosen your braces, which can increase the time to straighten the teeth. So for the time being, it is good to avoid such foodstuff. To manage to chew, and chop fruits and veggies into small bits. Children dental Care Treatment in Aundh,

Do floss regularly –

Flossing is important when you have braces. It helps to remove food particles from the corners of your teeth during this crucial stage in your dental care program. Otherwise, this causes problems in the coming time. Simply thread the floss between your teeth. After that, gently work the floss between the teeth and braces, as well as between the teeth and gums. This will help to get rid of any particles that a toothbrush didn’t get rid of.

No biting nails or chewing pencils

sometimes chewing on hard objects is done unknowingly, it is important to avoid doing so to preserve your brackets and wires in good condition. They frequently overlook the importance of avoiding habits such as chewing on pencils or biting their nails. While we understand that AV dental clinic is the best children Dental Clinic in Aundh.

While playing sport protects your teeth

once you visit our dentist does not mean that life has come to a halt. The Best children Dental Clinic in Aundh make sure that once you’ve obtained braces, you y go to your daily routine as normal as possible. However, if you participate in any sports, you must make sure to safeguard your device. To safeguard your equipment and keep your mouth safe, you can get help from your dentist about getting a mouthguard.

Don’t miss your scheduled appointments.

Visit your dentist regularly as part of your orthodontic treatment. During these at Children Dental Clinic in Aundh, the dentist will adjust your wires, and align them properly to help your teeth to move, with this the dentist will check that whether you have any cavities or gingivitis. Notify your dentist, if any breaks or is loose between appointments. He’ll work promptly to resolve the issue so you may continue with your orthodontic treatment while avoiding unpleasant cuts caused by loose brackets. Best Children Dentist and Best Pediatrician in Aundh.