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Children dental Care Treatment in Aundh

Teeth Cleaning

Every individual should take this treatment at least once a year. These treatments are most advisable for children who are more prone to cavities. It involves prodding, cleansing, rinsing, flossing and removing of plaque around gum line. It helps you to avoid gum disease, cavities and early tooth decay. Best Children Dentist in Baner.

Fluoride Application

Fluoride application is treatment that can help to prevent decay of tooth, slow it down or prevent it from getting worse. Fluoride application treatment is performed using a natural mineral (fluoride) that builds strong teeth and prevents caries. It has been an essential treatment for oral health for decades. Fluoride supports healthy tooth enamel and fights bacteria that damage teeth and gums. Helps prevent the high risk of developing cavities. We at Av children and multispeciality clinic have Best pediatric dentist in aundh, pune.

Pit & Fissure Sealants

Dental sealants are known as pit and fissure sealants. It is a dental treatment designed to prevent tooth decay. Teeth have gaps in their bite surfaces, back teeth have cracks and some front teeth have cingulum pits. This treatment is helpful when it is difficult to remove cavities or bacteria through regular oral hygiene. We at Av children and multispecialty clinic have Best pediatric dentist in aundh, pune.

Neonatal Tooth Extraction

Natal and neonatal teeth are teeth present at birth (natal) or present within 30 days postpartum (neonatal). They have an incidence of 1 in 2000–3000 births. Natal and neonatal teeth frequently occur in children born with a cleft lip and palate. In these children, the teeth are situated in the maxilla, on each side of the alveolar cleft(s). They serve no purpose, and should be extracted as soon as possible. We at AV Children and Multispeciality Clinic treat neonatal tooth extraction with the best pediatric dentist in aundh, pune.

Children dental Care Treatment in Aundh
Best Children Dental Specialist in Aundh

Minor Surgical Procedure

Minor oral surgery includes removal of retained or buried roots, broken teeth, wisdom teeth and cysts of the upper and lower jaw. It also includes special surgery and removal of small soft tissue lesions like mucocele, ranula, high labial or lingual frenum etc in the mouth. These procedures are carried out under local anesthesia with or without sedation and have relatively short recovery periods. We at AV Children and Multispeciality Clinic treat all kinds of Minor surgical procedures with the best pediatric dentist in aundh,pune.

Pulp Procedure

Pulpotomy Pulpotomy is a dental procedure used to save infected caries and teeth. If you or your child has a severe cavity, in addition to infection in the pulp of the tooth, we may recommend you pulpotomy. This procedure is also recommended when repairing a deep cavity exposes the pulp underneath, making it vulnerable to bacterial infection.

Pulpectomy / Root Canal Treatment

Pulpectomy is a procedure for removing all the pulp from the crown and roots of a tooth to relieve the pain associated with infection and to prevent complete removal of the tooth. Pulp is the soft inner matter that contains connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves. Pulpectomy is usually performed in children to save the tooth (primary) of a severely infected baby, sometimes called the root canal of the baby. In permanent teeth, pulpectomy is the first part of the procedure of the root canal.

Best Children Dental Specialist in Aundh
Best Children Dental Specialist in Aundh

Management of Uncooperative or Special Children

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing gas) Sedation Some children can get anxious or even fearful of certain dental procedures and going to the dentist can be stressful for them. However, we offer various levels of sedation dentistry for children, which can make the entire experience more comfortable for your child. One of the most common, safest, and reliable options of sedation in pediatric dentistry is the administration of nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Under General Anesthesia

General anesthesia makes your child’s whole body go to sleep. It is needed for certain dental procedures and treatments so that his or her reflexes will be completely relaxed. Your child will feel no pain during the procedure, nor have any memory of it.

Metal Crowns & Tooth Colored

A metal crown is usually made of gold alloys or common metal alloys such as chrome or nickel. Metal crowns make a great choice for teeth that are hard to see for others. The situation of each individual person will be different in considering this issue. Tooth-colored fillings provide good durability and fracture resistance in small to medium size fillings that have to withstand moderate pressure due to constant chewing stress. This is a good choice for people who prefer to make their fillers more natural looking.

Best Children Dentist in Aundh
Best Children Dentist in Aundh

Tooth / Teeth Extraction

Many teenagers and kids have their wisdom teeth removed; there are other reasons why tooth extraction may be necessary in children. Excessive tooth decay, tooth infection and overcrowding may require tooth extraction. Those receiving braces may need one or two teeth removed to give room for their other teeth as they change. Dental extraction is performed by a dentist or oral surgeon and is a relatively rapid outpatient procedure with local anesthesia, general, intravenous, or combination. Extraction of visible teeth is a simple extraction. Broken teeth, under the surface or affected teeth require a more involved procedure.

Space Maintainers

Primary teeth are vital for chewing, talking, smiling, aesthetic, and maintaining the space in the jaws to develop permanent teeth. In some cases, when a primary tooth is lost due to trauma, infection, or early exfoliation, malocclusion may occur due to unfavorable movement of teeth adjacent. The space maintainers can be used to prevent unwanted tooth movements that create malocclusions and to allow the tooth to have an appropriate space to succeed. Fixed space maintainers are generally indicated to maintain the space created by unilateral/bilateral premature loss of primary teeth in any of the arches.

Best Children Dental Specialist in Aundh
Best Children Dental Specialist in Aundh

Traumatic Injuries in Children

Traumatic dental injuries often occur as a result of an accident or sports injury. Most of these lesions are small chipped teeth. It is less common to dislodge the tooth or knock it out completely, but these injuries are more serious. Treatment depends on the type, location and severity of each injury. Regardless of the extent of the lesion, your tooth requires immediate examination by a dentist or endodontic. Sometimes your neighboring teeth suffer from an additional and unnoticed injury that can only be detected by a complete dental examination.