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It’s a great feeling for a pediatrician, to see their patients as newborn babies, till they enter adolescence. Once they come to that age, it also becomes hard to see them leaving the practice. Best children Dental Clinic in pimple saudagar we pediatric are caring for them and also we prepare them to leave the pediatric coop. As AV Dental Clinic is the best dental and pediatric clinic in Aundh.

 WHEN TO MAKE THE TRANSITION – From the age of 18 to 21 is the right age to transit from a pediatrician to a primary care doctor. It also depends on circumstances or we say it typically happens in this period. Children who do not have any major concern for their health, normally transit at the age of 18. Others who have multiple health concerns usually take longer till the age of 20 to 21. Pediatrician normally does not see children above 20 or 21 years. Mostly, the children who are healthy, with no chronological problems, and overall are doing very well in all areas of their life switch smoothly. Best Children Dental Specialist in Aundh is also the best pediatric center in Aundh.


The sooner the better, Start the discussion early as the child is in middle school or beginning high school, as part of discussions about developmental changes. See for the Best Children’s Dentist and pediatrician in Aundh, AV dental clinic.

Explain to them, how they grow and move ahead from middle school to high school and then post-high school training, time will come to transit to an adult health care provider. Few pediatricians invite the parents and the patient to ask questions and then answer the questions raised by them.

Encourage your children to self-manage their health care needs. This will make them independent.

If the child needs things like occupational or physical therapy, mental health counseling, or respite care, Work closely with the pediatrician when your child has special needs. If your child needs things like occupational or physical therapy, mental health counseling, or respite care, talk with your child’s pediatrician well in advance to find available services before you make the switch. Best Children Dental Specialist and pediatrician in Aundh

Ask your pediatrician about the child’s health records. Your child’s new physician will need them. As electronic health records have made this transfer between doctors much easier.

For patients with multiple and complicated medical problems, take the summary of both past and current problems and hand it to the parent or caregiver, so they have something comprehensive at hand for a quick review. AV Children Dental Clinic in Aundh is the best pediatric clinic for children.