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How to take care of your teeth after dentures.

Denture care is important as natural teeth require brushing etc. if in case it remains dirty it can cause infection such as thrush.

Be sure to wash them at least once a day with liquid soap or mild soap or toothpaste to make sure to remove plaque and food particles. If we are not able to clean it, after each meal as it is most important after the meals. Av dental is the Best Children Dentist in Aundh as well as one of the best clinics for dentures.

If you are using any kind of adhesive then remove the remaining glue from the gums area. With this brush, your natural teeth regularly also clean the tongue cheeks, and top of the month. Always use a dentist’s prescribe prosthesis solution at night to soak the denture.

If you are using the denture for the first time, it is not necessary to use it all day or night. Ask the dentist about it. And if you need to remove them at night make sure you soak them in a container full of Luke warm water or water at room temperature. You can also dissolve a prosthetic cleaning tablet in water to make a prosthetic cleaning solution. Never use hot water as it can damage the denture. Not to wrap the denture in towels or paper as they may be accidentally in the trash. Av dental clinic are Best denture Dentist in Aundh

Follow good oral hygiene to prevent gum infection, if you do not have teeth at all. Av dental clinic is the Best Children and denture Dentist in Aundh.

Washing your gums and the surface of the tongue with a soft toothbrush and with a little toothpaste. Then massaging the gums with your finger.

  1. Then apply the dentures as soon as possible.
  2. In case of any problems like mouth sores, take serious note of them and see your dentist.

Daily brushing the denture – Always clean your dentures after you take them out to care for your dentures. Brush your teeth after every meal. Use normal or warm water to clean or brush your teeth. Hot water can change the volume of dentures so. A soft-bristled brush or special toothbrush can be used to brush the teeth. Toothpaste that has low percentages of abrasives to avoid scratching on teeth to remove food, plaque, and other deposits. If you like, you can even brush it with toothpaste, but be sure to use toothpaste that has a low percentage of abrasives so that your teeth do not scratch.

Eating with dentures – new dentures will take a little practice to chew food. Initially, you can start up with soft food cut into small pieces. Eat slowly by using both sides of your mouth at the same time which will stop the denture from moving. As you become used to it, eat other foods until you get back to your normal healthy diet to care for your dentures.

Is it OK to Sleep with Dentures – Research has proved that extracting dentures for 8 hours a day is a suit opportunity for the gingival tissue to rest. And washed and stimulate with the help of the tongue and saliva, and this process maintains the health of the gums. Wearing your dentures while sleeping is put your life and health at risk.

Situations When You Should See the Dentist – Be sure to see your dentist for denture care and maintenance in the following situations:

  • If the denture is loose.
  • If the denture puts pressure on your gums.
  • Sore in any part of your mouth.
  • Broken denture.
  • If you cannot eat with dentures.

If your gums appear prominent after removing a denture from your mouth. AV dental clinic Aundh is the best Children dental Care and denture care and treatment in Aundh